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Excellence in Cosmetics

Are you looking for products that exceed the expectations of your most demanding customers? Discover the differentiation and excellence that INOCOS can bring to your business.

Market recognition

It’s not just what we say, it’s what we show. INOCOS has been recognized as the top brand in “Nail Cosmetics”, winning the prestigious Five Star Award 2023 & 2024.. An award that not only highlights our superior quality, but also guides consumers in choosing the best brands available.

Products that speak for themselves

Our Solid Tricolor Gel range is no exception when it comes to quality and innovation. In 2023, this product shone internationally with two important distinctions:

  • Finalist at the renowned Cosmoprof Awards 2023 in Bologna;
  • Winner of the Prix H. Pierantoni de l’Inovation Award at the prestigious Congrès International Esthétique & Spa 2023 in Paris.


Join the revolution in the world of cosmetics and transform your shop’s offer!

benefits for official
INOCOS resellers

Do you want to stand out with a unique presentation at your point of sale?

Provide an unparalleled shopping experience with exclusive point-of-sale materials.

Note: Allocation of the display presupposes acceptance of commercial conditions.

Gel POLISH Display

Illuminated INOCOS Gel Polish Display, with capacity for 1,080 units from our bestselling range!

Created specifically for our bestseller range, this display promises not only to store but also to highlight our products, encouraging our customers to explore every nuance and shade available.

Incredible Capacity

Displays up to 1,080 units (180 references x 6 units).

Excellent Lighting

Fully lit design that highlights and values each product.

Bestseller line

Created exclusively for the INOCOS gel polish line, the most sold and loved one.

Elegant Design

A luxurious addition to any store, encouraging increased interaction and sales.

Robust Structure

Built to last, ensuring your nail polishes stay safe and organized.

Multiproduct Exhibitor

INOCOS Multi-Product Display: lighting, flexibility and design to revolutionize your store!

Take your store to the next level with our INOCOS Multi-Product Display. It’s not just a simple structure, but a real revolution in the way you present your products.

Made with modular shelves, it offers the adaptability you’ve always wanted. Adjust it according to your preferences and the needs of your customers, always guaranteeing the perfect presentation of your products.

In addition to its versatility, the display’s lighting attracts the eye and highlights the quality and design of the products.

Impressive Lighting

Make your products stand out and come to life.

Modular Shelves

Easily adjust according to your customers’ demand and preferences.


Display different ranges of INOCOS products with total flexibility.

Smart Adaptation

Adjust the product mix to your store’s needs.

Elegant Design

Sophisticated aesthetics that complement any store environment.

Note: Allocation of the stand presupposes acceptance of the commercial conditions.


Note: Allocation of the stand presupposes acceptance of the commercial conditions.

Collection Exhibitors

INOCOS Collection Displays: highlight what’s new on your counter with modern and exclusive style, with the perfect solution for presenting our new collections and launches in your store!

Conceived with a creative and modern design, these displays are a real statement of style. We know that, for you, it’s essential to keep customers engaged and informed about the latest products. So these displays have been carefully designed to capture attention and inspire conversation. After all, a conversation can easily turn into a sale!

Creative Design

The INOCOS collection displays will transform your counter and surprise your customers.

Exclusive Presentation

Ideal for highlighting new INOCOS collections and launches, keeping your store always up to date.

Boosts Sales

An eye-catching display that catches attention, inspires conversation and guarantees sales.

Store Personality

It represents innovation and modernity, reflecting your store’s commitment to current trends.

Versatile Solution

Practical and functional, it easily adapts to any space on your counter.

Nota: aplicam-se condições comerciais e de disponibilidade de stock.

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